Game Shows

Add a dose of healthy competition…

Survey Says
Survey Says is our hilarious adaptation of the classic, long-running game show in which two teams try to guess the top six answers on the board. This game show is by far our most popular game show format that we present. Survey Says includes a centerpiece “Face Off” player position, as well as the “family” stations. Survey questions are displayed on a video projection screen using a professional survey software application. Our interactive game show host will present this game show just as you see on TV. We can use our survey questions, or your customized survey questions

In It to Win It
Inspired by the TV game show, In It To Win is full of excitement and nail-biting moments as teams battle it out in various 60-second challenges. This game qualifies as one of our most popular events, year after year. After some energetic icebreakers, teams are taught the In It To Win It challenges, such as Full of Hot Air, Cone Head, and Bucket of Fun. Participants then have practice time to not only try the challenges, but brainstorm ways to be more successful when they compete. With 60 seconds on the clock, the pressure builds, and team pride is on the line! Our helpful and engaging facilitator will commentate on all the challenges along the way, building the excitement through humor and music. We take fun, friendly competition to a whole new level!

Game Show Mania
Game Show Mania puts your group’s trivia knowledge to the test as two or more teams compete simultaneously, with trivia questions including audio samples. We utilize state-of-the-art podiums complete with microphones, buzzers, scoring, real game-like visuals, and sound effects ensuring everyone is fully engaged! Let our dynamic and engaging host bring you this energetic game show so you can enjoy it’s fast-paced live action and Hollywood-style showmanship.

CMon Down
The Price is Right is one of the most popular television game shows of all time and we needed to add it to our repertoire. Our team game show hosts have been hard at work, watching episode after episode creating the most interactive and energetic version of this game to allow all participants to stay deeply engaged until the winners are announced.

Corporate Quiz Bowl
Corporate Quiz Bowl is a rousing contest that can be played almost anywhere. Better than a traditional pub quiz night, this battle of wits and nerve brings forth the various talents of every member of your team.
For this game, your host will engage and encourage the teams throughout rounds and especially between questions, keeping the event fast-paced and laugh-filled. Corporate Quiz Bowl is a competitive team building trivia game show in which teams compete to answer questions from all general areas of knowledge including history, science, literature, arts, sports, current events, pop culture, and more! Each team will have their own tablet that will serve as their buzzer so everyone can participate at the same time! Question types include: the first letter, multiple choice, and numeric answers, and some trivia questions will include photos and audio to add to the fun. There is even a high pressure buzz-in round! Teams will earn points for correct answers as well as bonuses for being fastest.

Wildcard Bingo
Wildcard Bingo is a mix of interaction, excitement, fast paced fun, and thought provoking trivia challenges. You will play rounds that include Human Bingo, Trivia Bingo, Music Bingo, and even play some Team Challenges. It’s nothing like your Grandma’s bingo hall. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, instead of calling out numbers, your interactive host wil play music or ask trivia questions and you cross off squares on your card based on singer, songs, or answers. Best of both worlds as Wildcard Bingo’s Human Bingo and Team Challenges will get you out of your chairs and moving around as well music and trivia rounds are played while seated.

Paul did an amazing job! He had a fun and friendly personality. We have received positive feedback from the associates, all saying that they had a great time. Paul really knew how to read our audience and get everyone involved.

We wanted to say thank you and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you,

Crystal D
Home Depot, Danvers, MA