Team Bonding

Looking for a way to transform a mundane business meeting into engaging event? Team building activities are an effective and – most importantly – fun way to strengthen communication, rapport, and teamwork among your employees.

Paul Giroux Entertainment provides a team building solution to fit your needs. We offer a variety of constructive programs, or we can create custom sessions for you.

Outrageous Games
From the opening ceremony to the closing awards presentation, Outrageous Games is the perfect entertainment for your company picnic, employee meeting, or annual corporate summer outing.Teams compete head-to-head in ten wacky, wild, non-athletic relay races. All team building relay games are designed to build team strength, facilitate communication and develop problem-solving skills using a challenge-by-choice model. The corporate team event is hosted by an experienced emcee who provides hilarious play-by-play commentary throughout

Mr Roboto
Mr. Roboto is a fun and engaging robotics team building activity packed with technology. The main goal of this event is for teams to build a fully functioning, high-tech robot, controllable via an iPhone app! See who naturally takes on a leadership role, who is organized, who is willing to jump right into the build, and who is willing to learn something new during this event! Winning teams use communication, collaboration, and leadership to outperform the other teams. Mr. Roboto also features a charitable component, which is perfect since Robotics is the #1 requested STEM subject but also the most underfunded.

Shark Teams
Based on the hit TV show Shark Tank, now everyone in your group can try their hands at product development, process improvement or marketing. The focus of our Shark Tank-style team building program may be on fun, but the lessons in life, teamwork, and business are quite real. What’s next? Bigger? Better? And, like the television show, Shark Tank, this team building activity moves your group towards answers to those questions! Teams must put as much thought into their presentation as their invention, to wow the judges. As with all our programs, the competition is spirited but friendly.

Everyday Superheroes
Unleash the incredible powers of fun, creativity and excitement in your team! Everyday Superheroes is a fun, hilarious bonding event for your team. Will you save the day? You will be given the opportunity to be creative, constructive, and collaborative as you work with your teammates to design your very own superhero in a custom company-themed comic book, build a Green Machine superhero cycle, and stuff a superhero-themed teddy bear – all to be donated to a deserving child. To top things off, each team will also make a custom superhero cape for the lucky recipients of this powerful donation.

Ultimate Tailgate Games
Ultimate Tailgate Challenge is a comically competitive, seriously fun team building program inspired by the classic games you’d enjoy at a traditional tailgate party. Of course, this is team building, so our version also involves strategy, teamwork and, of course, throwing things. Point of note, a bit of luck never hurts!!

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“Paul Giroux is a hidden gem but now that you have found him, don’t let him go. He is truly the best DJ., Game Show Host, Olympics MC and all around good guy. On the other hand, if you book him, he might not be available for us – go back to searching the web!”

David Goldstein
Founder, Teambonding

I just wanted to thank you again for everything. I have received so many positive remarks about the activity. I appreciate so much your impromptu “DJing”. I was so relieved. These are very nice people, but very professional people who work under a lot of pressure; lots of traveling, dealing with the FDA on a regular basis, etc. It was a long day, long meeting, and I think they really welcomed the fact that they could unwind. The game was perfect. Accomplished everything that I had hoped for – it was fun, easy, and encouraged working together as a team.

Jill D.
Johnson & Johnson