Meredith, 4 Points

Thank you so much for doing our wedding. It was AMAZING!! You made the reception unforgettable, and literally everyone there had an awesome time. You made us look so good for choosing you!!! I can’t even express how much fun it was, and so many people came up and said how great you were. The slide show at the end, the videos throughout, all the personal touches made it unique and better than any wedding I’ve ever been to, despite the fact I’m a little biased. As far as Clinton weddings go, thanks for helping me set the bar pretty high. My parents were so impressed, and we’ll definitely all recommend you to anyone that’s looking for your services.

Linda McHugh, the woman in charge of the event from the Crowne (she’s a very serious and down-to-business woman, as I’m sure you gathered), said to us afterwards that she’s been doing weddings for 27 years and you were the best DJ she has ever seen, and she definitely wouldn’t just say that.
Thank you again, soo soo much!!!